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Victims want answers to long-term health concerns

Scottish victims of the PIP implant scandal have voiced their serious concerns over the Government’s stance on the health threat posed by the substandard medical device.

Press Release from Thompsons Solicitors - For Immediate Release

Scottish PIP implant victims welcomed Thursday’s Westminster debate on the PIP implant scandal, and renewed their calls for a full public inquiry.

Press Release from Thompsons Solicitors For Immediate Release

Scottish PIP implant victims will be paying close attention to Westminster this week as the Government’s Health Committee hold a debate on the scandal at Westminster this Thursday.

Scottish  PIP  implant  victims  are  disappointed  but  not  surprised  by  the findings of the Government’s final expert report on the PIP implants scandal, published this morning.

The  official  report  concludes  that  although  PIP  implants  have  a  higher  risk  of  rupture than other products, they are not deemed to be toxic or carcinogenic. 

Patrick McGuire, PartnerScottish victims of the PIP breast implants scandal have vowed to continue their fight for answers after the Health Secretary failed to back their calls for a public inquiry into the scandal.

Press Release from Thompsons Solicitors

Patrick McGuire, PartnerScottish PIP implant patients are due to meet Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon on Thursday in their quest for a full public inquiry into the scandal. 


The campaign group “PiP Implants Scotland” have sent a clear message to the clinics that they have the right to more than a refund for the nightmare they’ve been through. 

Reacting to the House of Commons Health Committee’s report into the PiP scandal spokeswoman for the PiP Implants Scotland campaign group, Trisha Devine, said:

“We welcome any efforts made to learn lessons from this scandal.  There are some good points in here that should be taken on board like:


Patrick McGuire, Partner “Lord Penrose holds our hopes in his hands” that’s the message from the victims of the NHS infected blood scandal as the Penrose Inquiry’s public hearings come to a close Friday 30th March 2012.

- Women affected must not suffer in silence

Patrick McGuire, PartnerSpeaking following the Government’s announcement that a further 7,000 women in the UK may have been victims of the PiP implants scandal, Scottish campaign group “PiP Implants Scotland” and their solicitor Patrick McGuire expressed concern at the new figures and urged victims not to suffer in silence.
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