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Road Accidents

A motorway worker made a compensation claim after being struck by a hit and run driver while working. He had been working out of the back of a truck, picking up cones from the side of the motorway late at night. As he was working a van driving on the motorway swerved towards him, striking his head with its wing mirror. The driver did not stop.

A woman has been awarded £800,000 compensation following a motorcycle accident in December 2004.

Lisa Bennett, 43, was hit by a car as she travelled to a night shift at the hospital she was working at. She was a second year degree student at Bournemouth University and training to be a psychiatric nurse.

A rally driver who crashed his car because he claimed the route map he was provided with was wrong has had his compensation claim rejected by the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Those participating in potentially dangerous sports willingly accept the risks involved, meaning litigation surrounding accidents that occur whilst participating in sport is often unsuccessful. However, this action was raised on the basis that the maps of the route, provided to the drivers by Scotmaps, contained an inaccuracy, causing Raymond Munro to have the car accident in August 2004 when competing in a rally on Speyside.

Every year thousands of people are involved in road traffic accidents where they are not at fault, the majority of road traffic accidents can be caused by driver error whether it be misjudging a situation, lack of concentration or being distracted by something for example using a mobile phone whilst driving.  At Thompsons our accident compensation solicitors help victims of road traffic accidents claim the compensation they deserve on a daily basis and our No Win No Fee policy means that we take care of the financial burden of legal action at an already stressful time for our clients.

A boy who sustained serious life-altering injuries after being involved in a road traffic accident when he was a baby has been awarded £3 million in personal injury compensation.

12 year old Ben Eeles, Brightlingsea, sustained severe head injuries in September 1998, when a coach collided with the car he was a passenger in on the A12 in Norfolk.

A 37 year old Shetland woman is suing the police following a road traffic accident that left her with an altered personality.

Rachel Rosie from Scalloway in Shetland suffered serious personal injury including head injuries and a broken collarbone in the accident. She was attempting to overtake a van when a lorry ahead turned left off the road causing her to collide with the lorry.

Brian Agard was awarded compensation after being badly injured by a motorbike driver. Mr Agard, a former professional rugby player, was struck in his home-town of Oldham as he crossed the town’s Lee’s road.

The passenger had been asleep and awoke to the feeling of being jerked sharply sideways. He realised that the driver of the car had pulled out to overtake another vehicle, despite the fact that they were approaching a bend. As they went round the bend, the car skidded on a patch of ice.

The next thing which the passenger remembers was realising that the car was upside down and that he was in severe pain. He managed however to struggle out of the badly damaged car with the help of a passer-by, fearing that it might catch fire.

A drunken motorist who caused several road traffic accidents whilst heading the wrong way down a motorway has received an 18 month Jail sentence.

The driver, David Hunter received his sentence at Dumfries Sheriff Court.  The court heard how he drove dangerously for over 2 miles of the motorway between Lockerbie and Ecclefechan last year.

A mother whose two daughters were killed in a car crash is seeking compensation for their deaths.

Elena Putnam, 18, and her sister Rachel, 20, were killed in a collision on the B9022 in the North East in July 2008. Rachel’s boyfriend Mark Gardiner, 22, was also killed in the car crash. The car crash occurred when plumber Graham Reid’s van veered onto the wrong side of the road, and collided with Mark Gardiner’s car. Elena Putnam and Mark Gardiner died at the scene, and Rachel Putnam was airlifted to hospital but died later.
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