Alistair Rodger is a council worker from Paisley who was involved in a nasty road accident.  Mr Rodger was crossing Canal Street in Paisley at a pedestrian crossing when a vehicle drove through the red light and ploughed into him. He was left in agony and had three fractures to his shoulder.

Although the driver admitted liability his insurance company decided that they would dispute what happened so Thompsons had to raise Mr Rodger’s case in the in the Court of Session. Mr Rodger was absent from work for around 2 1/2 months and hasn't been able to continue in his work without significant difficulties.  He previously played bass guitar in various bands and has been unable to continue with that hobby as a result of his injuries.

The insurance company tried to make Mr Rodger an offer that was too low but because Thompsons raised his case in court and because of the significant impact his injuries have had on his life the insurers decided to make him a very significant offer. They agreed to pay Mr Rodger £14,000.  He said”  You don’t think something like this will ever happen to you. Well it did happen to me and I’m glad Thompsons was there with me. They seemed to know every tactic the insurance company would use to fob me off. It was my union that recommended them and they did an excellent job”.

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