David Mackinnon is a firefighter based in Lothian. Earlier this year he was cycling to work but was involved in a road traffic accident. He was cycling across a roundabout when a car entered the roundabout without seeing him and collided with his bike, causing him a nasty injury.

Thompsons arranged an appointment with specialist Professor Rowley as David had sustained a soft tissue injury to his elbow which took four to six weeks to recover from.  The driver of the car admitted liability  and Thompsons help David claim for the pain and distress he had suffered as well as the cost of replacing his bike and damaged gear. There was also a small claim for recoverable sick pay on behalf of his employers as he had been absent from work.

The insurance company of the driver who caused the accident made David a very decent offer which he was happy to accept.

He was keen to get back to cycling as soon as possible and wanted to use the money to buy a new bike and gear. He said “It was my trade union that put me in touch with Thompsons. I was actually quite staggered by the amount I received. They did a really good job. Thanks again.”

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