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Road Accidents

A teacher who was hit by a car on his way to work has been awarded compensation totalling almost £20,000.

The victim was walking to a bus stop to travel to school when he was hit from behind by a passing vehicle. He sustained a head injury, fractured collar bone and suffered from anxiety as a result of the accident.

A Unite member who was left brain damaged after being knocked from his bike by a car has been awarded £150,000 compensation.

The victim was cycling to work in November 2010 when he was hit by a car causing him to fall from his bike. He suffered head injuries which led to minor brain damage and was forced to give up his job following the accident.    

Award winning accident injury lawyers Thompsons have secured £3,500 for a cyclists hit by a van at a junction in Girvan.

The van driver pulled out of the junction without noticing the 57 year old cyclist causing him to fall from his bike sustaining injuries to his back and neck. The cyclist received treatment from his GP and attended hospital for treatment for a sprain to his neck which had subsequently exacerbated a pre-existing condition. Thompsons argued that the driver had failed to drive with due care and attention when he hit our client. Liability was accepted by the insurers and they offered a settlement figure which, following negotiations was increased to £3,500.

In July of this year Sheriff Napier sitting at Aberdeen Sheriff Court decided upon the case of Smith v Fowler and found that drivers ought to bear in mind the rules of the highway code and should not accept the flashing of lights from other vehicles as a signal that it is safe to perform a right hand turn. Any driver who relies upon this alone and fails to check the road is clear for themselves will be found to be negligent.

Whiplash injuries should not automatically be dismissed as minor and treatment should be sought if symptoms are suffered is the message which comes though after a recent case involving a man who suffered a Stroke 34 days after suffering whiplash in a rear end shunt accident.

Robert Bright, aged 58 was involved in a road traffic accident on the M27 when his vehicle was shunted whilst sitting stationary in traffic. He exchanged details with the other driver at the scene and thereafter began to notice neck pain and headaches which he attributed to whiplash after having been thrown forward due to the impact from the other vehicle. This pain continued over the next few weeks but he did not consult a doctor on the basis that he thought it would get better on its own.

Sarah ReedEdinburgh City Council has come under fire for failing to do enough to protect cyclists from the dangers posed by the ongoing tram works in the city centre. Six cyclists were involved in accidents as a direct result of tram works in the first week alone and over 70 have subsequently fallen off their bikes since the project started in 2009.

Despite what members of the Cabinet and the media would have us believe regarding the apparent epidemic of whiplash claims, figures have been released by the Government’s Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU) which demonstrates that the number of whiplash claims is falling.

The CRU has released figures which show that claims for whiplash have fallen by almost 24,000 in the past year. In addition the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has released results of an independent survey of 4,000 people from June to August 2012 which was commissioned by them. This survey highlighted that only 1 in 100 people suffered from whiplash last year and almost 40 per cent of people who have suffered whiplash as a result of a road traffic accident have not claimed compensation for it.

It is peak holiday season and every year 130 million Europeans plan a holiday in another EU country.  Around 3/4 of holidaymakers will use a car or a motorbike whilst on holiday and it is likely that some of those road users will be unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident.  It is estimated that around 2% of road traffic accidents in the EU involve visitors from another EU country.

A solicitor in London was left with significant injuries after being struck by a cyclist who ran a red light.

It has been reported that the solicitor was hit by the bike as he was crossing at a pedestrian crossing.  At the time of the collision it is reported that the bike was travelling at 26 miles per hour.

It has been reported that personal injury lawyers have raised court proceedings on behalf of a Swansea woman who sustained head injuries after falling through the door of a mini bus, which was open.

The woman suffered such severe injuries that she is no longer able to look after herself. It is reported that the court documents state that the woman was offered a bottle of lucozade and as she stood up to take the bottle the driver went over a speed bump causing the mini bus to shake. As a result, the woman fell out of the open door of the mini bus and suffered severe brain injuries.
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