Taxi Passenger Accident Claims

If you have been in an accident as a passenger in a taxi you could claim compensation against either the driver of the taxi (if he or she is to blame) or the other vehicle involved in the accident.

Just as with other road users, taxi drivers and their company operators are required to have motor insurance in place to ensure the possibility of compensation in the event of an accident involving a paying passenger, pedestrian, occupant of another vehicle or indeed any other road user.

As with all accident claims, you should try to obtain details of all individuals involved, and vehicle registration numbers, so your personal injury solicitor can make a compensation claim against the appropriate party. It may also be of benefit if you are able to provide witness statements, contact details of witnesses, and photographs, both of the accident site itself and of any injuries you might have sustained.

You should also obtain details of the driver's employers or establish if they are self-employed.

What does your claim provide for?

A taxi accident compensation claim may help you recover compensation for a number of factors, including pain, suffering and loss of amenity, lost earnings and any other losses sustained in the accident.

It is important to remember that there are strict time limits in place for the making of a taxi accident compensation claim. As such, you must begin proceedings within three years of the date the accident occurred.

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