Infected Blood Legal Representation Form

Haemophilia Scotland, the Scottish Infected Blood Forum and Thompsons Solicitors worked tirelessly together during the Penrose Inquiry on behalf of the Scottish victims of the contaminated blood scandal. We know of the importance of strength in numbers and know that our fight for justice for Scottish victims did not end with the publication of the Penrose Report.

We believe strongly that while the Scottish victims of the contaminated blood scandal share a common interest with our friends in England and Wales in certain areas of the inquiry there are other aspects where it is imperative that there is a distinct Scottish voice and a unique Scottish influence on the shape and direction of the inquiry. We can also ensure that the lessons of Penrose are learned in a way that could not be achieved if we were part of one large group of victims across the UK.

We believe it is imperative that Scottish victims and the organisations who support them are core participants in their own right and have their own unique representation at the Inquiry.

 If you wish to take part in the Inquiry please click the undernoted image to download and print the legal representation form and contact us as a matter of urgency.

Please beware there are certain legal time limits that apply, therefore please contact us on 0800 0891331.

Please complete the form, sign, date and return the form to:

F.A.O. Patrick McGuire
Thompsons Solicitors Scotland
285 Bath Street
G2 4HQ

Click the image below or click here to download the form.


 Infected Blood Representation form

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