What Are My Legal Rights?

If you’ve found out that your implants are implants manufactured by PiP, you could be entitled to no win no fee compensation

In Scotland it is believed that the estimated 2,500 to 4,000 victims of the scandal received their implants through private clinics like Transform, the Harley Medical Group and the Hospital Group.  By paying for an operation with these private providers you are deemed legally as a consumer and consumers have rights.

Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, in a contract for the sale of goods the goods in question must be of a satisfactory quality. This term is implied in all contracts for the sale of goods. If this contract term is breached, the buyer is entitled to compensation. How much will vary on the individual circumstances.

The research from the French authorities found that the silicone contained in PiP implants was not medical grade silicone.  In fact numerous countries including France and Czech Republic feel that the state of PiP implants and their rupture rate is so bad that they have ordered their removal from women. 

We believe that under law you should be entitled to compensation covering any additional cost created by being a victim of this scandal (for example: removal and replacement, lost earnings or pain and suffering).

Of course every case is different so for free legal advice or to take forward a no win no fee PiP breast implant compensation claim call our advice line on 0800  0891331 or make a claim online now. 

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