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Cosmetic surgery seems to be becoming more popular and mainstream. Although cosmetic treatments were previously only available to the rich and famous, falling costs have meant they are now more accessible. And the rise of a more image-conscious culture means there are now many people very eager to have cosmetic surgery. In fact, according to the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons, 51,140 Britons had cosmetic surgery in 2015 (a rise of 12.6% from 2014).

However, as is the case with all surgery, there are risks involved in undergoing procedures such as tummy tucks and nose jobs. And if something goes wrong, the effects can be hard to reverse.

Common risks of cosmetic procedures

Any invasive operation carries with it some risks: for example, you could catch a hospital acquired infection such as MRSA or C-Difficile. Infections could also make it difficult for the wound to heal properly.

Apart from the fact that the desired result may not be as good as anticipated, there is also a risk that the surgery could result in further complications. Here are a few potential dangers that may happen in some common procedures:

  • Perforated bowel following a cosmetic procedure e.g. tummy tuck
  • Intensive scarring and organ damagefollowing a beauty procedure e.g. Liposuction
  • Breast reduction resulting in unevenness or unexpected and unsightly scarring
  • Nerve damage during a facelift
  • Facial paralysis following Botox treatment
  • Haematoma, which is a pocket of blood under the skin resembling a bruise, following face lift or breast augmentation surgery
  • Difficulty breathing after surgery to the nose, such as a rhinoplasty
  • Facial asymmetry and infection following jaw augmentation surgery
  • Implants, such as breast, chin, or buttocks, can sometimes leak, requiring further surgery

Such injuries would not only result in pain and suffering, but would be likely to cost you time off work as you recover. You might also need to have corrective surgery, which might cause you to lose even more wages.

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