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Our client, who was involved in a slip accident at work on 28 January 2017, was employed as a warehouse operative by the Co-op.

His role required him to pick items for order, place them in cages, and take them to the loading bay to be transported to stores. The cages were attached to a low-level order picker truck (LLOP). On the night of his accident, he was working in the freezer department. He parked his LLOP in an aisle to retrieve a cardboard box full of bread, but as he was walking back to the LLOP, his left foot slipped on a patch of built-up ice. Despite trying to put his right wrist out to break his fall, he fell on to his back.

When he was involved in a workplace accident on 1 June 2015, our client was working as a supervisor and butcher for Scotbeef.

Our client's job requires him to organise meat that's sent to him from the slaughterhouse. He has to remove trays of meat from pallets and place them into trolleys, sorting them by their date.

Mr Scott McComish, our client, sought legal help from Thompsons after he was involved in an accident at his workplace in May 2016. At the time of the incident, he worked for Allied Bakeries as a manufacturing technician, a role which required him to look after a range of machinery and to ensure the factory kept running.

Our client in this case, who was employed as a warehouse operative, was involved in an accident while at the Kilsyth Swimming Pool on 9 February 2017, which was a Thursday.

Between 1978 and 2015, our client was exposed to high levels of noise during the course of his employment as a marine engineer and mechanical technician for the offshore industry. Within these years, he worked for various companies, maintaining and operating boat engines and generators.

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