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At the time of his accident in the workplace, our client was working as a general assistant at Tesco Stores Limited.

On the day in question, he was working in the store's freezer room. He was attempting to move a roll cage that was full of boxes of ice.

Following a workplace accident our client, an administrative assistant for South Lanarkshire Council, was involved in on 12 November 2016, she decided to pursue a claim with Thompsons.

As a production engineer working at a factory for Muller Wiseman Diaries, our client's role required him to fix broken machinery and to ensure the factory processes were running smoothly.

On the day of his work accident, the drive belt of the factory's labelling machine had snapped and our client and a colleague were required to fix it.

Our client, who suffered a head and neck injury as the result of a disorderly customer on 20 August 2016, was working as a customer team member at a Co-Operative Food.

Our client suffered an accident at work in May 2014 while working as a planning office manager for the Highland Council.

On the day of the accident, our client had been tasked with moving archive documents into boxes ready for removal men. This required significant heavy manual lifting over a two-day period. Our client moved approximately 250 archive boxes full of documents and stacked them on top of each other. It should be noted that this was not our client's typical work; his usual duties were administrative and sedentary. Furthermore, he received no manual handling training prior to carrying out the task, nor was the activity risk assessed.

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