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The client instructing Thompsons' work accident solicitors in this case was employed as a production worker with Muller Wiseman Dairies.

On the day of his accident, he was acting as office supervisor, which involves him allocating work to other staff in the warehouse. He left his office to attend to an issue with a tail lift for a trailer and walked with a colleague to the appropriate trailer bay to show a mechanic exactly what was wrong with the tail lift. As he was leaving the bay, however, he slipped on a wet floor, landing on his back on the hard concrete floor.

When our client, Mr John McGrouther, was involved in a workplace accident on 18 August 2017, he decided to make a claim with the help of Thompsons Solicitors.

On 7 January 2015, Heather Gray, our client, was involved in a trip accident. She was working as a team leader in the health and social care department of the City of Edinburgh Council.

When he suffered a workplace accident on 2 September 2014, our client was employed by NHS Lothian at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (RIE) in the Sterilisation Department. On the day of his accident, he was situated in the decontamination area.

On 16 August 2016, our client, who works as a team leader for the Co-op group, was injured while at work.

As the team leader, our client must complete various duties, including filling shelves, maintaining waste, and overseeing other staff.

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