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On 6 February 2017, our client, who works as a childcare practitioner, was involved in a road traffic accident that left her with an injury to her lower back.

Our client was sat in the passenger seat. She was travelling with her husband, who was driving, and her 19-year-old son. They were passing through Dunfermline and joined the roundabout from Woodmill Street, intending to take the third exit. However, just as they were about to exit the roundabout, a third-party vehicle, which had entered the roundabout from the second exit, collided with the rear passenger side of their car.

Our client, Mr Iain Duffin, worked as a warehouse operator, driving a delivery vehicle for TNT. At the time of the accident, which happened on 13 June 2016, he was returning to the warehouse after he had just dropped off a delivery.

He was driving down the A737 and came to a stop to give way on Linwood Roundabout. As he was waiting for the other car to pass before entering the roundabout, a third-party vehicle came up behind him and collided with the rear end of his vehicle.

On 14 January 2017, our client, an engineer, was driving down Union Street in Glasgow. His two daughters were sat in the back of the vehicle. He stopped at a set of traffic lights, preparing to turn left at the next junction. His car was now at the front of a queue of traffic, and directly behind him was a bus. As the lights changed and our client began to turn left, a pedestrian suddenly walked out into the road in front of him, causing him to apply the brakes. However, the bus, which was intending to carry on forward, didn't brake in time and collided with the rear of our client's vehicle.

On 17 November 2016, our client, a team manager at a call centre for Clydesdale Bank, was knocked over while using a zebra crossing in a Tesco car park.

Our client was exiting the supermarket, located on Glasgow Road in Kilmarnock, with her husband. They had just been shopping and were now making their way back to the car park. Our client had proceeded to cross the road on the zebra crossing outside the shop when the third-party vehicle turned out of an aisle in the car park and collided with her right-hand side. She fell on to the vehicle's bonnet and then on to the ground.

Our client, David Weetman, worked as a bus driver for Stagecoach at the time of his accident, which was caused by the poor judgement of a third-party driver.

On 18 January 2017, Mr Weetman was driving his bus north on the B730, the road in Ayrshire that goes between the villages of Rankinston and Drongan.

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