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We were contacted by the claimant, a teacher in Leven, in relation to a black ice slip accident she suffered in November 2017. An employee of FIFE council, she made contact with Thompsons through her union, SSTA.

The background

On the day of the slip accident, our client had been in the assembly hall at her school. An incident occurred which required our client to retrieve some school property from outside and, despite taking the school's main exit, almost immediately after exiting the assembly hall, the teacher slipped on black ice, falling with significant impact. The playground had not been gritted.

The consequences

It quickly became clear to the claimant that she had dislocated her left knee; although it had not happened for many years, as a teenager she had experienced a dislocation in the same knee on several occasions.

Our client was able to manually relocate the kneecap following the accident, but it had become destabilised, and over the weeks following the accident it repeatedly dislocated, causing ongoing pain and instability. The impact of the injury resulted in the woman suffering significantly reduced mobility and she had to sell her manual vehicle and replace it with an automatic.

The consequences

Thompsons slip accident solicitors intimated a claim on behalf of the teacher in respect of the knee injury she had sustained.

After extensive negotiations, on 6 November 2019 we secured a settlement of £25,000.

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