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Out client, a bus driver from North Ayrshire, was referred to us via his union, UNITE, following the physical and psychological injuries he sustained in a work accident which occurred in November 2015.

The background

On the afternoon of the incident our client, who was at the time undergoing cancer treatment, had been at the Bus Depot attempting to start his bus in order to begin a scheduled journey.

The engine would not start, so, remembering his training, our client got out of the bus and went to its rear hatch in order to push the reset button. As he was lifting the hatch, another bus came into the depot and drove into him, crushing him between the two vehicles.

Our client immediately experienced severe pain – in fact, it may only be because he had lifted the hatch shortly before the accident that he did not sustain life-changing or fatal injuries.

The consequences

Our client was taken by ambulance to Crosshouse Hospital where he was given an ultrasound to examine his crush injuries. Luckily, he did not sustain any broken bones and was discharged from hospital on the same day.

However, he had sustained an injury to his right hip, which proved to be intermittent but ongoing. He was absent from work for more than a month. During this time, our client required help from his wife to carry out household chores and to help him get dressed. He continued to receive wages but may have sustained some .

The settlement

Thompsons' accident at work solicitors raised crush injury claim court proceedings in the All-Scotland Personal Injury Court.

Thompsons arranged for our client to be examined by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. This confirmed a pelvic injury that would result in permanent "nuisance" symptoms.

Shortly before the List of Witnesses was due to be lodged, the defender made a formal offer of £6,750. Our client confirmed that he wished to accept this and an accident at work settlement was confirmed on 23 May 2019.

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