Over the course of her employment, as a production worker for Tunnocks, our client developed carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and trigger thumb, a condition which made it extremely difficult for her to flex her thumb.

Our client was employed as a concierge at the Perth & Kinross hostel when she was involved in an incident that led to her suffering a workplace injury.

On the morning of 18th December 2014 our client, a 48-year-old slitterman from Clackmannanshire who is a member of UNITE, was lifting bobbins of paper on to a pallet when he suffered significant pain on his left-hand side.

This was followed by a period of several weeks during which he developed persistent pain he believed was attributable to heavy lifting. His typical working day consisted of being required to lift approximately 500 bobbins every day, each bobbin weighing around 9.5kg.

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