Mr Scott McComish, our client, sought legal help from Thompsons after he was involved in an accident at his workplace in May 2016. At the time of the incident, he worked for Allied Bakeries as a manufacturing technician, a role which required him to look after a range of machinery and to ensure the factory kept running.

Between 1978 and 2015, our client was exposed to high levels of noise during the course of his employment as a marine engineer and mechanical technician for the offshore industry. Within these years, he worked for various companies, maintaining and operating boat engines and generators.

Our client, Mrs Elizabeth McKechnie, was employed by Lees Factory as a packer when she was involved in a workplace accident on 14 October 2016.

Mrs McKechnie's job requires her to pack confectionery products into boxes as well as clean up the factory area. On the day of her incident, she was sweeping up around line 3 of the factory. After she collected dirt on the floor, she bent over with a dustpan and brush to sweep it up, crouching down on her knees. As she stood back up, she hit the right side of her head on the metal box containing the on and off switch for the machine that sends boxes down the line. These switches are present at every line and protrude out of the machines they are attached to, putting workers at risk of colliding with them.

This case involved a team leader working at BSW Timber who fell from height during his shift and sustained a back injury.

At the depot, our client dealt with wagons coming into the yard, loading and unloading deliveries. He was also responsible for health and safety.

In February 2011 our client, then 29-years-old, was employed as a production line supervisor at a recycling plant in Ayrshire when he sustained an amputation injury in a waste and recycling workplace accident.

The job required the pursuer to use and monitor the use of a 20-metre-long, 1.5-metre-wide rubber conveyor belt that was situated underneath a large shelter and up some steps; it was used to process aluminium, paper, plastic and cardboard.

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