Our client in this case worked as a butcher. The nature of this job led to him develop a strain injury in his left hand and wrist.

Our client has worked as a butcher for many different employers throughout his career, however the employer for whom he worked the longest and claimed against was Scotbeef Limited.

When she suffered a slip injury at work, our client was employed by WM Morrison Supermarkets as a café assistant.

On 17 March 2016, she had just completed the first half of her shift and so went on a break. She proceeded to walk through the supermarket but realised she couldn't go her normal way as there were customers blocking her route. So, instead, she chose a route that required her to walk past the stalls in the produce section. As she walked between two stalls, our client suddenly felt something underfoot that caused her to lose her footing. She fell and hit her head on the floor.

On 19 January 2017, our client, a home link worker employed by South Ayrshire Council, sustained a personal injury while visiting a college that was undergoing construction work. As a home link worker, our client is required to carry out one-to-one sessions and home visits with pupils of all ages. On this day she was visiting Marr College in Troon.

Our client, who was employed by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde as a staff nurse at Stobhill Hospital, was involved in a workplace accident on 16 December 2016.

Our client in this case, Mr John Colquhoun, was employed as a warehouse operative for the Co-op. On the 15 July 2016, he was involved in a workplace accident that led him to seek compensation for his injuries.

On a daily basis, our client carried out 'health check' reports, which involved removing products put in the wrong location. This means he walks throughout the warehouse checking various cages. Also operating in this area are 'pickers', whose job it is to pick items from pallets and move them onto a cage (which would then be taken to a store).

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