Our client in this case was Mr Graham Bell, who was working as an HGV driver employed by Brake Bros Food Services Ltd. His role required him to carry out deliveries to various locations. On the day of his accident, 31 March 2015, he was making a delivery to a secondary school in Knightswood during a period of high winds.

Our client, Miss Marie Gilmore, an alert responder for South Lanarkshire Council, was involved in a road traffic accident on 23 October 2016.

Miss Gilmore's Peugeot van was stationary on the road. She was waiting for the third-party vehicle to pull out of a junction. However, the third-party driver failed to observe the right of way and proceeded to pull too far out from the junction, hitting another vehicle that was coming in the opposite direction. The collision caused the other car to veer over and hit the side of Miss Gilmore's van.

Our client was working as a delivery driver when he was involved in a road traffic accident on 17 November 2016.

He was driving his company vehicle in East Kilbride. He came to a stop at a junction at the end of Maxwellton Road and waited to turn into Calderwood road. The third-party vehicle was coming down Calderwood Road and began to turn left into the junction our client was waiting at. However, the third-party driver lost control of their vehicle and collided head-on with our client's van.

On 10 September 2015, a Unite union member sustained an injury in a road traffic accident that led him to make a compensation claim with the assistance of Thompsons' personal injury solicitors.

Our client had been driving a bin lorry, with two other passengers in the vehicle. He was driving down Strathaven Road in East Kilbride. He joined a roundabout, intending to turn right onto Kingsway.

When a community midwife was involved in a car accident on 11 August 2016, she decided to pursue a claim with Thompsons' road traffic accident solicitors so that she could receive compensation for her injuries.

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