Making a claim for injured delivery driver's concussion

Our client, Mr Iain Duffin, worked as a warehouse operator, driving a delivery vehicle for TNT. At the time of the accident, which happened on 13 June 2016, he was returning to the warehouse after he had just dropped off a delivery.

He was driving down the A737 and came to a stop to give way on Linwood Roundabout. As he was waiting for the other car to pass before entering the roundabout, a third-party vehicle came up behind him and collided with the rear end of his vehicle.

The consequences

After exchanging details with the other driver, Mr Duffin made his way back to the warehouse. However, he was soon experiencing pain and had to go to the hospital.

Our client sustained a soft tissue injury to his neck, which restricted his movement, as well as a concussion. As a result, he was absent from his work for nine days. Even after returning to work, the pain in his neck continued. Overall, it took Mr Duffin six months to recover.

The settlement

So that he could seek a fair amount of compensation for his soft tissue neck injury, Mr Duffin's union, Unite, referred him to Thompsons so that he could make a claim with the assistance of our experienced road traffic accident solicitors.

The defender admitted liability, and a settlement of £3,000.04 was reached, which was inclusive of recoverable sick pay.

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