Bus driver's settlement for soft tissue injury

Our client, David Weetman, worked as a bus driver for Stagecoach at the time of his accident, which was caused by the poor judgement of a third-party driver.

On 18 January 2017, Mr Weetman was driving his bus north on the B730, the road in Ayrshire that goes between the villages of Rankinston and Drongan.

As he approached the road's junction to Sinclairston (to the right), he noticed a third party driver approaching from the junction quite fast. As it looked like the other driver was going to proceed straight into his path, our client slowed his bus down. The other vehicle turned left out of the junction, but because of some mud on the road, its wheels locked, causing it to skid into the bus's lane. The offside of the third party vehicle and the offside of the bus collided. Mr Weetman had hit the brakes and thinks, from what he can remember, and from viewing his GPS tracker, he was travelling at either 17 or 19 mph at the time of impact.

Speaking to our client after the collision, the other driver said that he had moved quickly out of the junction because he was trying to get in front of another vehicle coming the other way.

The consequences

On the day following the accident, Mr Weetman experienced pain in his left shoulder and neck. Because of the pain, he visited his GP, who prescribed anti-inflammatories. These helped settle his neck pain, but our client still felt discomfort in his left shoulder while lifting objects. Mr Weetman's soft tissue neck injury lasted eight weeks.

The settlement

Mr Weetman's union, Unite, referred him to Thompsons Solicitors.

Responsibility for the accident lay with the other driver, who pulled out of the junction when it was clearly not safe to do so. The third party insurer's admitted liability and put forward an offer of £1,600, which our client accepted.

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