Bus driver's injury claim

On 19 September 2016 our client, 28-year-old Claire Phelan, a First Bus employee from East Kilbride in Glasgow, was driving her Trident bus down the Queensway to the roundabout that connects the Kingsway and Strathaven Roads.

She was in the left hand lane and intended to go straight across on to Strathaven Road. Ms Phelan made all the appropriate checks and saw there was no traffic approaching from the right, so she safely entered the roundabout. However, another motorist, who entered the roundabout from Strarthaven Road and was travelling at speed, tried to exit the roundabout in front of her but in doing so collided with the offside of the vehicle.

As a result of their actions, the third party motorist received a penalty notice from the police.

The consequences

The bus accident caused our client to sustain soft tissue injuries to her neck and upper back; these caused pain and discomfort and took six weeks to resolve.

The settlement

The third party motorist was clearly at fault and liable for the accident; our client was already fully established on the roundabout. The other driver should have slowed down to let Ms Phelan's bus pass instead of trying to get in front of her.

The defendant in the case admitted liability for the bus accident claim and on 19 May 2017 agreed to settle the case pre-litigation for £1972.39 compensation inclusive of recoverable sick pay.

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