On 6 August 2016, our client, a manufacturing admin assistant, was involved in a road traffic accident while travelling with his two sons in Bellshill.

As our client left the A725 in his vehicle he came to a standstill on the slip road as he waited to join traffic on Hamilton Road. A third-party vehicle came up from behind and, failing to stop, caused a rear-end shunt road traffic accident.

At the time of his accident our client was working as a collection and delivery driver for TNT Express. On 19 February 2016, he had been loading and secure packages onto his vehicle, when he sustained an injury.

Our client's vehicle was parked in the loading bay at the start of his shift. He was loading packages in the cramped space of his vehicle. When he had finished securing the packages in the back of his vehicle, he turned around and tripped on two long packages, falling to the ground.

A mother and her one-year-old baby were involved in a road traffic accident as pedestrians. Thompsons acted on behalf of the minor and his mother acted as his litigation friend to make the claim on his behalf.

On the day of the accident, the mother alighted from a bus with her son in a buggy. She made her way to the zebra crossing and, as no vehicles could be seen approaching, proceeded to make her away across. Suddenly, a third-party vehicle drove up to the crossing and failed to stop. The car hit the buggy, knocking it and the mother over. The pram took the brunt of the impact and was thrown three metres down the road. There were several witnesses to the incident, who ran down to help. The police arrived at the scene and gathered witness details as well as the details of the third-party driver.

Our client in this case had been driving along the Hill House Road, towards Hamilton from Blantyre. She was accompanied by her daughter who was aged 21 at the time. The third-party vehicle was travelling in the opposite direction, but suddenly veered across the road. Our client did all she could to avoid a collision, braking hard and swerving left, but the third-party (TP) driver failed to stop and hit the front driver's side of her vehicle.

At midday on 10 October 2016, our client, a social worker, was involved in a car accident that led him to seek legal representation from Thompsons' road traffic accident solicitors.

While our client was stationary at the junction of Honeywell crescent and Lauchope Street, waiting to turn left, a bus came up behind him and collided with the rear of his car, shunting him onto the main road. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved in the incident.

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