Our client, Mr Mick Stanley 53, contacted us with a view to claiming for occupational vibration injury following more than three decades of exposure to vibrating tools in various workplaces.

Our client, Mr J Crawford, a 64-year-old hygiene machine operator, contacted us via his union, Unite, to discuss the possibility of making a compensation claim for debilitating right hand and wrist pain. He had been forced to take a considerable amount of time off work as a result of this pain and believed it was attributable to repetitive tasks carried out during the course of his employment as a cleaner at Pinney's Factory in Dumfries where he was an employee of Partners in Hygiene.

Our client, instructed Thompsons Solicitors in order to make an industrial injury claim, for the carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) he developed during his employment as an engineer at Finning UK Limited between 2007 until 2016.

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