Case Studies


April 2016

Supermarket accident leaves toddler with fractured femur

An ordinary family trip to Tesco turned into a two night stay in hospital for 2 year old Luca Eardley. When visiting his local store with his parents, Luca spotted a children’s picnic table in the seasonal aisle which sparked his interest... read more


March 2016

Supply teacher receives £22,500 after fall in icy school car park

On a cold January morning, supply teacher Mrs Mackechnie was making her way out of her car, when she slipped and fell on an icy puddle in the school car park. The car park was very slippy following snow fall the previous day, more


February 2016

Care worker left permanently scarred after cat attack

When leaving for work in the morning you expect to return back home uninjured, unfortunately this was not the case for West Lothian care worker Mrs Uttley. As normal Mrs Uttley attended the home of a service user suffering from Moto Neurone more


January 2016

OI Manufacturing UK Ltd pays employee compensation

Mr Alan Lindsay has received £26,000 following an accident in the course of his work with OI Manufacturing UK Limited in Alloa. Mr Lindsay, who worked as a craft team leader, was checking for excess water in the manufacturing system when he was hit in the face with a metal more


December 2015

Accident lawyers secure compensation for council worker

A Thompsons’ client has received a £60,000 following injuries at work. Our client worked as janitor with Renfrewshire Council. In January 2013 he fell from a ladder whilst removing tables from a mezzanine level in the gym hall where he worked. Our client contacted his union, Unison, for advice following the accident and was referred to more


5th November 2015

MoD pay compensation following an accident at work

Mr Watts who works at HM Naval Base Clyde, Faslane sustained injuries to his back and legs which forced him to be absent from work for over three months. Mr Watts required to manually open and close a large heavy gate as part of his duties. Whilst closing the large gate during adverse weather conditions a strong gust of wind caught the gate and blew it out of his hands.  The wind changed direction and Mr Watts was then trapped between this gate and the adjacent gate.  He sustained serious injuries to his back and legs.   Mr Watts’ colleagues confirmed that there had been previous problems with this gate and other similar gates on the more


30th October 2015

Accident lawyers help client secure compensation for crush injury

Thompsons secured £12,500 for Mr Alan Brown following an accident in which he was involved during the course of his employment with Co-Operative Group Limited.

At the time of the accident Mr Brown, a warehouse operative who had been with his employer for four years, was attending at the water cooler when a colleague lost control of a picking truck which subsequently crashed into more


1st October 2015

Bakery Worker receives £22,500

Mr Robert Ewing has received £22,500 following an accident at work in January 2015.

Mr Ewing, who was 61 at the time of the accident, had been with his employer for 13 years and worked as a dispatch picker at their factory in Uddingston. Mr Ewing was picking an order in the warehouse when a colleague knocked a nearby wooden pallet which landed on Mr Ewing’s more


7th September 2015

Seaman forced to retire due to accident at work

A Union member employed as an Abel Seaman with Boskalis Westminster secures £45,000 compensation with Thompsons.  Whilst working on board the WD Mersey Mr Cave slipped on a build-up of rubbish sustaining a bi-fracture dislocation of his right ankle which required surgery in the form of an open reduction and internal fixation of his more


28th August 2015

Ineos Petrochemical Plant worker secures £23,000 compensation

Thompsons helped secure £23,000 compensation for Union member, Jeffrey McIlhenny following an accident at work. At the time of the accident Mr McIlhenny was a scaffolder working for DSL Services.  While working nightshift one evening our client was dismantling scaffolding on the gantry of the Hydrocracker Ineos Petrochemical Plant when a steel pole fell through a gap in a steel plate jamming his thumb. Due to the time of night and poor lighting in the area he was unaware and unable see the gap in the steel more


4th August 2015

Compensation secured for accident at work

A Thompsons client has received £6,750 after suffering an accident at work on 17 November 2012. Our client came to us through his union, who funded his claim.  The man fell whilst he was retrieving a parcel from a trailer in his workplace. He worked as a warehouse operative in a large delivery company. As he was closing the rear door of the trailer, the handle he was using to close the door snapped and he fell backwards off the trailer.  There were breaches of the Provision in Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and the Work at Height Regulations more


29th July 2015
Thompsons secure settlement for injured NHS worker

Margaret Fulton came to Thompsons after suffering a fall at work. She works for the NHS as an Auxiliary Nurse. Mrs Fulton suffered serious injuries to her shoulder and knee after falling against a sink whilst caring for patients. Her fall had been caused by another member of staff leaving a television set in front of the sink thus causing a trip hazard.


1st May 2015
£23,000 for Thompsons client injured in fall

Thompsons Solicitors were able to secure a highly successful outcome for our client who was badly injured in a fall caused by poorly maintained pavements. Our client who has asked not to be named was having a meal out in Glasgow’s Southside with friends. After her meal was finished she made her way home but tripped over a missing paving slab in the Battlefield area of the city. She fell badly injuring her hands and wrist. As a trade union member our client knew that she could call on Scotland most experienced team of personal injury lawyers at Thompsons. This service is included as part of her trade union membership.


29th October 2014
Thompsons secure £8600 for child scarred in cycling accident
Thompsons were contacted by a concerned mum after her ten year old daughter was injured cycling near her home in Dumbarton. Many of the roads near the child's house had recently been made by a building contractor and were in a poor state of repair having not been finished properly


2nd October 2014
Thompsons client awarded huge 6 figure injury settlement
A Thompsons client who works for his local council has won a huge compensation award after he sustained life threatening injuries in an accident at work. He was driving a recycling vehicle which had lifting arms to mechanically lift bins and tip their contents into the body of the vehicle. The lifting arms were operated by use of handheld controls.


22nd September 2014  
£10,500 pay-out for injured hospital worker
Thompsons client William Compston from Greenock seriously injured his shoulder whilst working as a driver for his local health board. During his routine duties William was unloading equipment from his lorry when the rear shutter unexpectedly fell...

12th September 2014
Construction worker awarded £100,000 for building site accident
Thompsons have secured a very substantial settlement for one of their clients, a construction worker from Fife. He was seriously injured while working as a plant operator for a major construction company. When the gentleman arrived at work one morning to begin his duties on a large new housing development he....

18/08/2014 £1000 award for Pothole fall
To be honest I hadn't really considered doing much about this and it was more about getting the healthboard to sit up and take notice that there was a huge hazard right outside one of their hospitals. It was a nasty.....
Mrs Elizabeth Douglas was on a coach holiday with her husband when she suffered a fall that led to the rest of her holiday being ruined. She was staying at a well-known hotel in Blackpool and after having a swim in the hotel's pool decided to use the Jacuzzi. But as Mrs Douglas climbed the steps to enter the Jacuzzi....

31/07/2014 Council worker awarded £50,000 settlement
This Thompsons client was seriously injured whilst working as a local authority refuse collector. In the course of his normal duties he was working behind a bin lorry loading rubbish. Whilst standing on the pavement waiting for the bin lorry to pass him he slipped onto the ground and his leg went onto the road.

10/07/2014 Unite member wins £7000 in compensation for metal burn
John Corbett is an experienced engineer working at the Rio Tinto Alcan plant in Fort William. One of his main duties is working with molten aluminium metal where he's involved in pouring the metal into various moulds.

09/07/2014 NHS worker secures payout for back injury
Colin Mackenzie who works as a groundsman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde sustained a nasty back injury while on routine duties in the Grounds of the Southern General Hospital. Along with two other colleagues Colin was sent to carry out repairs to the air conditioning unit. The area that Colin was expected to work in was very limited....

07/07/2014 Union member secures quarter of a million pound settlement for spine injury
A UNITE member employed as mechanic in a Glasgow garage has be paid a huge settlement following an accident at work. The member was a long standing employee at the city centre garage but has not been not been able to return to work since the incident..

03/07/2014 Dockyard worker wins £35,000 payout
A dockyard engineer has won £35,000 after being injured in an accident involving a powerful drill. The incident took place back in 2010 and was not pursued at the time as the member was reluctant to make a fuss and because he thought he would make a full and quick recovery.

01/07/2014 Usdaw member compensated after gas poisoning
Thompsons was involved in helping this lady after she was exposed to carbon monoxide gas. The problem started when a new boiler was installed in her home near Falkirk last year. The initial installation went well but after getting some work done to her exterior walls of her house things started to go wrong.

27/06/2014 Distillery worker wins payout
James Campbell was involved in an accident while undertaking his routine duties in Loch Lomond Distillery in Alexandria. James was filling barrels with spirit when one began to overflow. When he bent down to investigate his face and eyes were sprayed with spirit.

18/06/2014 Unison member wins £70,000 after fall at work
Angela Farrell suffered a serious accident at her work where she was employed as a housing officer with the council. As a member of the trade union UNISON Mrs Farrell was advised to contact Thompsons straight away.

16/06/2014 Tourist who caught stomach bug wins £15,000 from travel company
Mrs Elizabeth Lumsden and her family were enjoying the last couple of days of their dream holiday in the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheikh when she started feeling unwell. Once home in Edinburgh her symptoms started to get even worse...

03/06/2014 Firefighter secures pay-out through Thompsons
David Mackinnon is a firefighter based in Lothian. Earlier this year he was cycling to work but was involved in a road traffic accident.

30/05/2014 Thompsons wins £14,000 for injured council worker
Alistair Rodger is a council worker from Paisley who was involved in a nasty road accident. Mr Rodger was crossing Canal Street in Paisley at a pedestrian crossing when a vehicle drove through the red light and ploughed into him.

22/04/2014 £2,400 Compensation For Car Accident
Thompsons No Win No Fee lawyers recently helped Vincent McCall secure £2,400 in compensation when a car collided into the rear of his vehicle causing extensive damage.

22/04/2014 NHS Worker who endured terrible ordeal is helped by Thompsons
This Thompsons client is a support worker employed by NHS Ayrshire and Arran. In the course of routine duties our client was unlucky enough to receive a needle stick injury to her left hand. It's the type of injury that's extremely distressing.

18/04/2014 Hospital Worker receives compensation for nasty cut to her arm
Carol Forrester works in the princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow as an auxiliary. One of her duties is making sure the areas where patient's food and drinks are prepared are clean and well maintained. Whilst Carol was cleaning some food preparation machines she received an extremely nasty cut to her forearm.

17/04/2014 USDAW Member Compensated For Workplace Injury
A Tesco employee has been compensated by almost £10,000 after an accident at work left him with a broken leg. USDAW member Martin Dalgleish sustained the injury while packing pallets onto a van at a Tesco store in Lockerbie in August 2012.

16/04/2014 Injured engineer glad he had Thompsons in his corner
Mr Judge works for a well known engineering firm and was injured in the course of his work from a dangerous chemical spill. He was carrying a container full of the hazardous chemical oxidite when it spilled out and caused injury to his right knee.

15/04/2014 Thompsons step in to help school cleaner secure compensation
Sharon McCallum works for Stirling Council as a cleaner in a Primary School. While doing her routine duties she slipped and fell while cleaning up in the kids toilets. Sharon slipped due to soap leaking out of one of the dispensers on the wall.

08/04/2014 Unite Member Compensated After Ladder Fall
Mr Rankin who was employed by Rolls Royce was severely injured after falling from height at the company's Inchinnan base. At the time of the accident in 2008 Mr Rankin had used a fence to steady himself while working from a ladder unaware that someone had placed an additional piece of unsecured fencing alongside the main fence. As a result Mr Rankin suffered a fall which left him with physical and psychological injuries.

01/04/2014 Paramedic's Needlestick Ordeal From Overdose Patient
PARAMEDIC John Clements received a needle-stick injury when he attended a drug user who had taken an overdose. John, who was due to get married, was tested for hepatitis and HIV, and had to endure months of worry and trauma while he waited for the results.

31/03/2014 Thompsons Help Car Accident Victims Win Compensation
Specialist lawyers Thompsons helped two victims of a traffic accident win their compensation claims after advising them to reject "derisory" offers made by the insurers of the driver responsible.

10/03/2014 Union Member Secures Payout After Hospital Accident
Mr Neil O'Neil who works as a hospital porter was seriously hurt in a Boxing Day accident in the grounds of Stobhil hospital in Glasgow. He was going about his routine duties when he slipped on ice and sustained significant injuries. Despite the area in question being used by many pedestrians it appeared that it had not been gritted.

27/02/2014 Thompsons Secure £75,000 Compensation For Trainee Stockbroker
Thompsons compensation claim Solicitors have helped trainee stockbroker Mark M secure £75,000 compensation for serious injuries he suffered in a car accident. Mark was seriously injured in the car accident and sustained extensive injuries to his arms.

17/02/2014 A discarded brick affected my ability to walk for the rest of my life
At 64, Alan Valente, from Musselburgh, was close to enjoying a relaxing retirement from the building industry he worked in all of his life. Any hopes of a pain free retirement were however suddenly dashed after a discarded brick on the scaffolding where he was working caused him to dislocate and fracture his ankle.

24/01/2014 £2,000 Compensation For Nail in Child's Play Area
Thompsons Solicitors recently obtained £2000 in compensation for a child who was on holiday in Ayrshire. The 8 year old was visiting the Heads of Ayr Farm Park in August 2008 when the enjoyment of his holiday was cut short when he was injured whilst playing in the children's play area.

22/01/2014 Thompsons win compensation for council worker injured in scalding accident
Mrs Esson was a member of the trade union UNISON and through them she asked Thompsons to fight her case. Initially liability was denied by the council's insurers and there was no response from the council's solicitors. But after Thompsons stepped in and arranged a meeting a settlement was reached with full court expenses included.

03/12/2013 Molten Glass Ordeal As Flameproof Overalls Burst Into Flames
A routine shift at a glass bottle manufacturing plant ended in a horrific ordeal for ex-soldier Liam McLaughlin, a veteran of the first Gulf war. Molten glass at a temperature of around 500 degrees centigrade spilled from the production line, and as he tried to clear the jam his "fireproof" overalls provided by his employer burst into flames.

21/11/2013 Landmark legal victory for Thompsons Client removes black hole around asbestos claims.
David Bavaird died of the asbestos-related lung disease, mesothelioma, in 2008. Mr Bavaird was exposed to asbestos during his employment with the East Kilbride Development Corporation in the 1960s. In 1996 South Lanarkshire Council assumed the liabilities of the East Kilbride Development Corporation. The council contended that it was not liable as...

17/11/2013 £35,000 Compensation For Accident at Work
Mr Burns worked at Eurocentral, Mossend. His job involved unloading new cars from locomotive transporters. On the day of his accident Mr Burns required to climb down from the locomotive onto the track side because the vehicle he was attempting to remove would not start. There were no steps and no handrails and...

26/10/2013 Thompsons Win £40,000 In Compensation For Horror Tackle Victim
Mr Smith, was playing for Rutherglen Glencairn juniors when he was badly injured by a Cambuslang Rangers player. The Cambuslang Rangers player performed what has been described as a horror tackle, which resulted in Mr Smith sustaining fractures to both his tibula and fibula.

10/08/2013 Thompsons Win Compensation for Injured Fireman
David Harper is an experienced firefighter based at Port Glasgow Fire Station. He was on routine duty, travelling in a fire brigade rescue jeep when it was involved in a crash with another vehicle. The fire service jeep was rammed from behind and Mr Harper, who was in the passenger's seat..

27/07/2013 £1,700 Compensation For Car Accident
Mrs C was involved in a car accident in December 2007 when she was stationary at a junction and a Local Authority's trailer collided into her vehicle causing damage.

11/06/2013 Diminution Compensation For Parked Car
Thompsons Solicitors recently obtained diminution compensation for a car that was parked outside the client's home. The car was damaged when another driver reversed into the front of the car causing damage.

04/09/2012 £139,000 Car Accident Compensation For 3 Generations Of Family
Three generations of the one family were involved in a very serious car accident as a result of a head on collision. The Grandmother was driving. The Mother, was in the front passenger seat wearing a seatbelt and the daughter aged only 8 at the time was in the rear seat wearing a seatbelt.

09/05/2012 Thompsons Client Awarded £4,000 Compensation
Thompsons No Win No Fee Lawyers helped Kerry Dickson obtain £4,000 in compensation when her car was stationary in a garage forecourt when suddenly and without warning another driver failed to stop in time and crashed into the rear of her car causing damage.

08/02/2012 Patient Treated With Un-sterilised Equipment Receives Compensation
Thompsons Solicitors have helped to win compensation for a patient who attended a dental hygienist who was treated with un-sterilised equipment. The hygienist had recently ordered a new piece of scaling equipment which was not connected to the main equipment, as the dental nurse was unfamiliar with the equipment and untrained she failed to change the scaling tip after the first patient of the morning.

22/11/2011 Successful Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claim Scotland
Nursery Nurse Linda Smith was the pillion passenger on the motorbike being driven by her partner. They were riding along country roads in central Scotland when a car pulled out from a junction directly into their path in such circumstances that there was no prospect of the motorbike stopping or avoiding the car.

12/10/2011 When I Started Working On The QE2 Asbestos Was One Of The Main Materials We Worked With.
To the world the ocean-going liner the QE2 is a symbol of the heyday of shipbuilding on Clyde. To John Ferguson, one of the legions of men who worked on her construction, she is a grim reminder of how he acquired the pleural plaques infecting his lungs.

12/10/2011 Asbestos Was Lying So Deeply On The Floor That It Literally Came Up Over My Ankles
When Ian Drew started as a maintenance fitter at Dalmarnock Power Station in Glasgow in 1961, asbestos wasn't just the material that insulated pipes, tubes and the boilers themselves. The asbestos was literally everywhere including forming a deadly carpet of dust anything up to six inches deep on the power station floors.

12/10/2011 I Get Very Angry when Insurance Companies Try to Argue that Pleural Plaques is Harmless.
Elaine Darling knows from bitter personal experience just how quickly and easily pleural plaques can develop into fatal cancers. Her father George O'Donnell, 80, a builder to trade was diagnosed with pleural plaques just three years ago. He died in August this year from mesothelioma the deadly form of asbestos related cancer.

20/09/2011 Paramedic's Needlestick Ordeal From Overdose Patient
PARAMEDIC John Clements received a needle-stick injury when he attended a drug user who had taken an overdose. John, who was due to get married, was tested for hepatitis and HIV, and had to endure months of worry and trauma while he waited for the results.

24/04/2011 Thompsons Successfully Secures Compensation In Cow Collision Case
Accident injury lawyers Thompsons has secured compensation for a woman involved in a head on collision with a cow. Jane Boylan was travelling along the A72 Biggar to Peebles road late at night when her vehicle suddenly and without warning struck a cow in the middle of the road.

06/04/2010 Criminal Injuries Compensation Award of £125,882.00
Laura Connor Solicitor of Thompsons Personal Injury Solicitors recently helped a client receive a Criminal Injuries Compensation Award (CICA) of £125,882.00. Our client was employed by Inverclyde Council for approximately 27 years as a Senior Social Support Worker....

20/03/2010 Jason Macintyre - Fatal Accident Inquiry
The findings of a Fatal Accident Inquiry into the death of Scottish champion cyclist Jason Macintyre have been published. Jason was killed in January 2008 when he collided with a council van that turned into his path on the A82 near Fort William. Thompsons Scotland were instrumental in assisting Jason's widow Caroline to campaign for the Inquiry to be held - it took an agonising two years for the Crown Office to agree, with Caroline having to prove that Jason was killed whilst effectively engaged in his occupation.

23/08/2009 Brilliant Thompsons Do It Again
Thompsons No Win No Fee Lawyers have yet another delighted client after securing £4,500 in compensation for Chris Henry. Mr Henry was the innocent victim of a road traffic accident in December 2008. As he was driving on a roundabout his car was struck by another vehicle.

01/07/2009 Thompsons Help Cyclist Win £6,000 In Compensation
Thompsons No Win No Fee Solicitors have helped a client win almost £6,000 in compensation after he was thrown from his bicycle while riding through Holyrood Park. Solicitor Stewart White said: "Historic Scotland was the body responsible for constructing and leaving an open gully adjacent to the cycle path which caused the accident."

05/06/2009 Compensation Claims For Back Injuries
Mr Pitch was employed by a company which made and fabricated computer Workstations for industry. Mr Pitch sustained an injury to his back.

25/05/2009 £10,000 For Asbestos Victim's Mum
An 82-year-old who saw her son die from an asbestos cancer has been awarded £10,000 in compensation in a case brought by Thompsons Personal Injury Solicitors. Widow Annie Little was with her former Clyde shipyard worker son Ian Cruickshank, 52, when he died in hospital..

12/02/2009 Compensation Following Amputation of Trapped Finger
A HGV driver employed by the London Borough of Harrow has been awarded compensation following an accident which resulted left him with part of his finger amputated. Neil Beard, 49, brought the claim with the assistance of his union, UNISON, and the legal expertise of Thompsons Personal Injury Solicitors.

06/10/2008 Car Accident Compensation Claim : Interim Payment of £10,000
TEACHER Carol Summers was one year into her first job when she was involved in a horrific three-car crash in which one driver died. The 25-year-old was seriously injured in the car accident, which was not her fault, and had to sign off work for almost nine months.

22/08/2008 Thompsons Win £18,000 Compensation Others Settle For £1,000 Compensation
Donna was on a school coach trip with Largs Academy to France. In France the coach was involved in a serious road traffic accident which resulted in the coach landing on its side and all of the pupils receiving injuries to different degrees.

05/05/2008 Opinion Of Lord Carloway: Shipyard Worker Wins £25,000 Asbestos Battle
A Scots fitter has won £25,000 compensation after a Court of Session Judge held that his lung disease was caused by exposure to asbestos while working in the shipyards. Lord Carloway ruled that Bill Hynes' breathless is due to asbestosis, and not a rheumatoid condition as his former employers argued, and that he now runs a significant risk of developing fatal conditions like mesothelioma or lung cancer.

22/02/2008 £25,000 Car Crash Compensation For Back Seat Passenger
Ms Cadbury was a back seat passenger in her son's motor vehicle when it was involved in a road traffic accident. The car accident occurred on an icy morning and Ms Cadbury's son admitted that he was travelling too fast for the conditions.

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