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I am of the opinion adverts like the one on the tv which I am in and my family are in provide a route for injured people to secure access to justice. 

It is thought Lord Young in his review of the so called “compensation culture” will try and restrict advertising of no win no fee services.  If I could speak to Lord Young, I would tell him of all the good that has come from my adverts. I would tell Lord Young of all the people who have been helped and whose lives have changed for the better because they saw my adverts and called my friends at Thompsons.

Not everyone who is injured is aware of their rights and not everyone who is injured can afford to pay a solicitor to find out what their rights are. Adverts like mine give people a route to free specialist advice, which otherwise they may not have. 

The so called “compensation culture” Lord Young talks of, in my opinion, does not exist. The only area in which claim numbers have risen is in motor accident claims which is not surprising given the additional numbers of motor vehicles on the roads these days and because in the past not many claims were made in this area. There has been no increase in other personal injury claims over the last decade.

I think Lord Young should be reminded that the principles of our laws apply to every case in the same way regardless of were the case came from.  It does not matter if someone contacts a solicitor after seeing an advert on tv or contacts a solicitor privately and pays them; the same laws apply to both cases.  The injured person will only get compensation if the other party has been negligent and has breached the law. 

If Lord Young wants to reduce the number of compensation claims maybe he should look at ways to help make sure that our laws designed to protect people and ensure their safety are better adhered to.  

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