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There are so many companies offering No Win, No Fee solicitors nowadays that it is becoming very difficult to find genuine No Win, No Fee lawyers to use in your case. Most advertisers do not fully inform the clients as to the risks and rewards of seeking legal help through these channels. 

We try to keep our own clients fully aware of the pitfalls and benefits of No Win, No Fee, trying to quell the fear that legal costs make become too much to bear. This way, we keep our client base very happy and justice available to everyone.
Our solicitors know exactly what type of legal advice to offer you, whether or not it is No win, No fee. All the options for taking your case to court will be presented to you, along with the full breakdown of costs and what will happen depending on the court result. If possible, our No Win, No Fee solicitors can start to work on the case as soon as possible, trying to get your payout to you in a quick, cost effective and professional manner. Legal costs are rising, which make it difficult for those injured at work or in the street to file a claim. Our firm strives to provide quality, affordable and inexpensive legal services to you.
Most companies will not tell you about the hidden charges that could occur in a No Win, No fee claim, thinking it might scare away those who cannot afford the consequences of a bad claim. We show you how you can avoid almost all the costs, without you having to pay use a penny until you get your compensation. Call our specialists right now, as most injury and personal claims can only be brought up in a court of law if less than three years have passed since the accident.
In appropriate cases, it makes no sense to use a No Win No Fee solicitors. This will be explained to you, with the reasons as to why. Generally, when a No Win, No Fee claim is created, you have to inform the defendant of this fact. This allows the defendant to settle outside of court. Sometimes, it is to your advantage to hold off from this. This means that the compensation you receive could be much greater. We will still take care of paperwork and the legalese necessary for taking a claim to court on your behalf. Either way you choose, we will do our utmost to best represent you in the court of law, keeping you informed throughout the case and helping you recover after the case. Using our firm ensures you get the best representation in court as we have the resources to back even the most difficult claim. 
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