In the weeks leading up to my yearly family holiday I’m rushing about making sure I’ve got everything, (passport, money, travel insurance, toiletries etc etc) working late clearing my desk for the next couple of weeks….. I just love going away on holiday to relax and enjoy the sunshine for a week or two as I suppose everyone does!  Unfortunately not everyone gets the relaxing holiday they hope for…..

Just the  other day I was reading that a ship in Greece had crashed into a concrete dock in the harbour of Kos, a Greek holiday resort. It is reported that 37 people including some Scottish tourists required hospital treatment as a result of the accident.

The ship involved in the accident was named the Aegean Cat. It had made the one hour trip from Turkey to Kos before the accident. It is believed the ship had technical problems and that these problems may have cause or contributed to the accident.

Mr Smith of Kilmarnock was on board the ship and is reported in one paper as stating that :

“with no warning, we hit the dock and were sent flying like rag dolls”

Mr Smith was thrown into a wall, cut his head open and had to have seven stitches.

It sounds like a terrifying accident. I feel sorry for all those people on the ship who sustained injury. I hope everyone injured makes a quick recovery.

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