At Thompson’s we would like to reassure all our clients that as far as possible we are operating as normal. The health and safety of our staff and clients is our primary concern during this outbreak and as such we are reviewing the situation on a regular basis and will be adapting our working practices following government guidelines. However, we have had to make some minor changes to how we are doing things.

Following Government guidelines, we have temporarily closed all of our offices and our staff are now all working from home using secure technologies to ensure they are able to continue to progress with existing and new cases as normal. All face to face meetings have been cancelled, however we are continuing to hold these meetings via phone and video calls. All the team are contactable on their direct dial numbers and email should you need to speak with your solicitor, please do not hesitate to talk to us about anything during this time.

We know these are uncertain and unsettling times for many of our clients, and the wider population, and things might look a little different for the foreseeable future. But our focus remains on our dedication, knowledge and strength that we provide to all our clients. We will continue to provide updates over the coming days and weeks in accordance with official guidelines and to keep everyone informed of the situation.

As always, for any concerns, advice and updates on your case; Talk to Thompsons.

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Personal injury

The association between brain injuries and contact sports is now irrefutable. A recent study by the Institute of Biomedical Engineering found that far from being solely concussions which cause brain damage, repeated blows to head can cause lasting trauma in the absence of concussion[1]. That is to say, concussions need not occur for there to be lasting damage to the brain where repeated blows are sustained.

In 2019 there was almost 700,000 recorded accidents at work in the U.K. This figure does not include ill-health or stress related cases, which would see the total rise to over 2.5 million.

Having an accident at work can cause huge adverse effects on people’s lives. From losing out on wages whilst recovering to being unable to walk again. The consequences of having an accident at work can be a very personal matter and that is why Thompsons Solicitors ensure that you have a specialist team dealing with your case.

There are a wide range of workplace accidents that occur daily which result in injury. The injuries can be physical and psychological for example, injury from faulty equipment or stress. If your employer breaches their statutory/legal duties and you are injured as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.

When we mention accidents and personal injuries, people often think about our clients seeking advice in respect of road traffic collisions, accidents at work, and clinical negligence.  Few people will give immediate consideration to the tragic accidents that commonly occur within the care homes that families have entrusted the safety of their loved ones to.  

When you suffer any kind of personal injury, the last person you probably want to speak to is a solicitor. However, a delay in talking to a solicitor and starting your claim could cost you. This is because, under Scottish law, you only have three years to raise a claim. This is known as timebar or the triennium.

surgical scissors

The rights of a patient have improved over the years and with this is the growing knowledge about what your rights are when something does go wrong. If you have had care or treatment that is inadequate, delays that are outwith the waiting times targets (currently 18 weeks for referral and 12 weeks for a new outpatient appointments) you are entitled to make a complaint and receive a full answer. Beyond an initial complaint, you also have the option of pursing a claim if your care amounted to negligence, which damaged your health (misdiagnosis or mistakes in surgery for example) and would not have occurred otherwise.

Last week, it was reported that a claim made against Glasgow City Council, by a student who had suffered PTSD following the Glasgow bin lorry crash in 2014, had been unsuccessful. However, it was not absence of an injury, or a determination on the cause of the crash, which led to the claim for damages being refused.  The personal injury court required to focus on the matter of determining whether the pursuer was a primary victim, and ultimately determined that she was not and, as such, had no entitlement to compensation.

A landmark decision in the Court of Session has confirmed that community councils can be sued for their negligent misdeeds.  A community council is a voluntary organisation set up by statute passed by the Local Authority and run by local residents to act on behalf of its area. They promote the well-being of their communities and local people are encouraged to become members of their community council.  Lord Woolman recently decided that a case, advanced by Thompsons Solicitors, against Connel Community Council could proceed to a full evidential hearing.

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