Personal injury

Last week, it was reported that a claim made against Glasgow City Council, by a student who had suffered PTSD following the Glasgow bin lorry crash in 2014, had been unsuccessful. However, it was not absence of an injury, or a determination on the cause of the crash, which led to the claim for damages being refused.  The personal injury court required to focus on the matter of determining whether the pursuer was a primary victim, and ultimately determined that she was not and, as such, had no entitlement to compensation.

A landmark decision in the Court of Session has confirmed that community councils can be sued for their negligent misdeeds.  A community council is a voluntary organisation set up by statute passed by the Local Authority and run by local residents to act on behalf of its area. They promote the well-being of their communities and local people are encouraged to become members of their community council.  Lord Woolman recently decided that a case, advanced by Thompsons Solicitors, against Connel Community Council could proceed to a full evidential hearing.

As temperatures drops in the winter months, the number of people who are injured as a result of slipping on ice and snow increases. When a person falls on ice, they can sustain serious orthopaedic injuries, such as broken bones or pulled ligaments which can have a massive impact on their day to day life.

Watching your child grow into becoming a toddler should be a happy and exciting time for parents.  However, there are difficult decisions to be made such as choosing the right nursery.  Choosing the right nursery for your child can take time; parents want to feel comfortable that when they drop their child off that they will be cared for, looked after and waiting to be collected at the end of the day unharmed.  Unfortunately, this did not happen for a family in Edinburgh.  They received a telephone call that no parent wants to receive, advising that their child had been involved in an accident whilst in the care of his nursery.

When a person sustained a serious head injury, such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), this can have a devastating impact on the person themselves and those around them. They impact can go way beyond the physical injuries as the injured party is likely to suffer psychologically as a result of their injuries with symptoms of low mood, anxiety and depression. Experts have also found that TBI can cause emotional problems, difficulties in forming and keeping memories, and controlling impulses. The individual can often become aggressive.

Sandwich chain Pret A Manger has come under fire recently following the deaths of two customers who suffered allergic reactions to products purchased from their stores. Fifteen year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse collapsed on board a flight to France in July of 2016 and subsequently died after eating an artichoke, olive and tapenade baguette that she had bought at a Pret outlet within Heathrow Airport. She died as a result of anaphylaxis after eating the sandwich, which contained sesame. 

This week marks the start of a campaign by the Royal Mail and Communication Workers Union to raise awareness of the risk to postal workers from dog bites and attacks. This is an annual awareness event which takes place in the summer months to raise public awareness of the issue of dog attacks on postal workers and to encourage responsible dog ownership.

Celtic’s John Hartson was involved in an unusual accident when playing golf near his home in Peebles. The golf buggy which he was a passenger in ploughed into a tree whilst going downhill at 25 miles per hour. The driver had reportedly hit the accelerator and not the brake.

Following the accident John, who feared for his life and almost lost an eye, required 48 stitches to his head and was told that he would require follow up plastic surgery.

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