Making a legitimate No Win No Fee Compensation Claim after suffering a disease, accident or injury can be a catalyst to changing behaviour and the law – it can ultimately protect others from the same thing happening again.

Using the No Win No Fee system is not the UK slavishly following the USA or a social problem or even as some claim the emergence of a Compensation Culture. It’s how normal, hardworking people get the opportunity to say I am not going to tolerate this, I am going to use the law of the land because I have suffered through no fault of my own. 

After an accident, suffering injuries or contracting a disease, claiming financial compensation can help you rebuild your life and/or care for loved ones in a way that might not have been possible otherwise. You may have lost money through no longer being able to work or might have had your social world turned upside down: accidents often result in sports and other recreational hobbies having to be cast aside.

What if you have to alter your family home to adapt to your new situation? If you and your family do not get sufficient compensation this can be impossible and cause you even more stress. 

Recent studies have shown that only about 30% of people in the UK that could have made a Compensation Claim actually did; is it possible the people that did not claim were worried about the costs involved?  No Win No Fee is here to protect you; it helps to relieve the stress of paying high legal fees in the event your claim is unsuccessful.

At Thompsons we do not believe No Win No Fee is causing a Compensation Claim culture. We think it is worse to ignore the actions of irresponsible companies / management who ignore their duties and responsibilities.

We believe claiming compensation can help to reduce risk and improve compliance with the law, but we’d like to hear what you think.

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