No win no fee

Farmers have been warned of the dangers of power line farming accidents in the wake of a number of incidents across Scotland.

For example, earlier this month a 27-year-old agriculture worker was killed as a result of being electrocuted while opening a door to exit the tipper truck he had driven into a 11,000-volt cable in West Lothian.

Probably one of the best ways to pursue a case is going to court without shedding any money for your legal assistance.  This is a reality because of the No Win, No Fee agreement. There are law firms that offer their No Win, No Fee Solicitors to people whose cases come with guaranteed success both in and out of the court.

A No Win, No Fee Lawyer is a solicitor that will take a case and will not ask for any payment if the case is lost. The fee is known as conditional fee, or contingent fee (in the US), and it refers to payment to be provided if and when the case achieves a favorable outcome.

There are so many companies offering No Win, No Fee solicitors nowadays that it is becoming very difficult to find genuine No Win, No Fee lawyers to use in your case. Most advertisers do not fully inform the clients as to the risks and rewards of seeking legal help through these channels. 

The costs of legal help seem to rise year upon year, making it extremely difficult for some people to hire a lawyer. This makes it difficult for those injured at work or in the street to file a dispute. By using a no win, no fee lawyer you may be able to make a claim, even if your injury hasn't stopped you from working. By using a no fee Lawyer on no win, you could well be entitled to compensation from your employer.

No win no fee arrangements are being widely discussed at the moment. It has been reported that the Law Society who represent Solicitors in England and Wales have urged caution over the proposed government changes to no win no fee arrangements. The Law Society is reported as stating that the “Peers in the House of Lords, will contemplate altering legislation governing no win no fee agreements in a bid to eradicate “compensation culture” but the move instead would penalise the victims of accidents, fraud, negligence and wrong doing as well as business and even the government.”

I was saddened to read about the death of a 26 year old woman following what was thought to be a minor injury while horse riding in Turkey. 

Charity fundraiser Louise Carolan fell off a horse in Turkey and hurt her knee.  She was told by doctors that she had simply torn some ligaments.  However, after she came home she collapsed while shopping with a friend.  She was transferred to the Western General in Glasgow where the doctors found a blood clot on her lung, induced by the fall, and this caused a cardiac arrest.

I am of the opinion adverts like the one on the tv which I am in and my family are in provide a route for injured people to secure access to justice. 

It is thought Lord Young in his review of the so called “compensation culture” will try and restrict advertising of no win no fee services.  If I could speak to Lord Young, I would tell him of all the good that has come from my adverts. I would tell Lord Young of all the people who have been helped and whose lives have changed for the better because they saw my adverts and called my friends at Thompsons.
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