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At Court of Session this week an employer, Peebles Media Group, are bringing a case against their former employee, Patricia Reilly.

The claim, brought before one of Scotland’s highest court, claims that Ms Reilly was at fault when she paid invoices, which turned out to be fraudulent, leading to the company losing around £200,000.

Today Friday 31 January 2019, marks the centenary of the Battle of George Square, one of the most significant moments in Scottish working class and trade union history. The Battle of George Square, otherwise known as “Bloody Friday” started with a strike called by the Clyde Worker’s Committee (CWC). CWC and their members sought to agitate for the 40 hour week. The industrial action was well supported on Clydeside, and by 31 January 1919, estimates of 90,000 striking workers and their families flooded to Glasgow’s George Square.  The Red Flag was raised in the crowd.  The British state, concerned that such well supported agitation would turn to a Bolshevik style revolution, violently suppressed the rising, sending tanks, soldiers and machine guns to Glasgow. Over 50 people were injured as a consequence.

This Saturday 24 November 2018, Thompsons Solicitors will stand shoulder to shoulder with our STUC colleagues, members of religious groups, trade unionists, and anti-racist activists at the STUC St Andrews Day Anti-Racism March and Rally.

This year’s STUC St Andrews Day Anti-Racism March and Rally, champions the words of Maya Angelou, in its theme “Still We Rise: Internationalism, Freedom, Justice”.

Being given a diagnosis of cancer can be completely devastating for the individual involved and their family. During an already emotional and stressful time, worrying about undergoing treatment and how to tell family and friends, matters such as finances and employment should be the least of your worries. However, unfortunately many employers are still not offering the appropriate support to people with cancer, leaving them with little choice but to leave employment or put their health and recovery at risk.

Today and tomorrow a record 8000 women across Glasgow will take strike action in their continuing fight against Glasgow City Council for Equal Pay.

These women, supported by their trades unions Unison & GMB Scotland, have been fighting for equal pay for over a decade.

It is undoubtable that one of the cornerstones the fourth wave feminism has been the #metoo movement; a moment which has exposed the wide spread prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual assault, especially in the workplace. The movement has been far reaching, with allegations being made in all industries, from politics, to the church, to sport and the media. Although most of us will have heard of the high profile cases, the focus tends not to be on the experiences of low paid workers…. until today.

Last week, in what has been labelled as a “David and Goliath victory” Glasgow bar workers were successful in an Employment Tribunal claim against Scottish hospitality giants, the G1 Group.

Following their dismissal from the Grosvenor Café on Ashton Lane in September 2017, five Unite members, represented by Michael Briggs of Thompsons Solicitors, won their Employment Tribunal claims for unfair and wrongful dismissal.

Times are changing. The traditional 9am to 5pm is now becoming outdated, not just for parents or carers but for EVERYONE. Just 6% of people in the UK now work such hours. Yet people are still requesting flexible working hours and being denied this right. Many people are not even aware this right exists. A balance must be struck between employer and employee and there is a plethora of research which shows working flexibly is better for one’s mental health and productivity. Employers would benefit from offering flexible working hours and would attract a higher number of applicants, said Peter Cheese, chief executive of HR industry body of the CIPD.

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