When Must I Refer The Case?

That is a matter entirely for you.

Many solicitors who have no expertise in personal injury matters simply want to pass the case on at the very outset.  Some will have taken a precognition or obtained other basic information but some simply pass on basic client details, such as name, contact details, basic circumstances of the accident and the all important accident date, and then leave it to us to do everything.

That approach is clean, simple and lets you concentrate on the files in your office that are going to generate fees for you directly.

Other firms wish to intimate a claim themselves and only pass the case to us if the insurers reject the case or, as can be an insurer’s want, delay unnecessarily and unreasonably in dealing with the matter.

This model allows firms to generate some income through cases that they manage to settle extra-judicially while being able to rely on us when the going gets tough.

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