How Do We Update You?

As you would expect from the most flexible personal injury referral scheme available to solicitors in Scotland, our approach is entirely flexible.

If you require fixed updates at specific intervals, that is what we will.  If you only need an update as key stages within the claim are reached, that’s how we will approach matters and will of course agree what those stages are with you.  If you do not need to know what is going on until the matter is concluded then we will be sure to provide you with a full update at the successful conclusion of the claim.

As for how that information is communicated to you, that is again a matter entirely for you.  We can simply pick up the phone.  We can email information to you.  We can even hold regular meetings with you in order than we can discuss all of the cases you pass to us in one group. 

Alternatively, if you like a new technology approach to things, we can provide access to updates and information on cases by setting you up with a password to view information on a private section of our website.

The information can be as detailed as you like and can be presented in any format that suits you from paragraphs of information to a tick box approach.

What is comes down to is this – as you would expect from the most flexible personal injury referral service available to Scottish solicitors, we’ll put the systems in place that suit your needs.

For information, call Syd Smith on his direct dial 0141 566 6971.

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