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Best Injury Compensation and Personal Injury Accident Solicitor

Posted by: Thompsons Solicitors Posted Date: 17/02/2014
Accidents happen all the time. Whether you are at work, you are at a football game, you go on a trip or you are just walking or driving on the road, you can be the subject of an unfortunate and unexpected accident. The consequences may be translated in pe...

Tips for Hiring a Great Lawyer

Posted by: Thompsons Solicitors Posted Date: 13/02/2014
If you need legal advice and you do not know of a law firm with skilled and reputable Solicitors in Scotland, your best option is to ask around or search online.   Friendly Referrals   The first option could be the more dependable, one as ...

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Car Accident?

Posted by: Thompsons Solicitors Posted Date: 18/12/2013
As the number of cars on the road increases, naturally the amount of accidents on the road will also increase. This increase in the likely hood of being in a car accident means that people should be mindful about what happens if they do happen to be hit w...

Should you have to repay compensation?

Posted by: Victoria Aquino Posted Date: 29/05/2013
  I read recently that a mother, who received compensation to care for her disabled son, was then asked to pay back £375,000 after her son died.  It sparked a debate amongst my friends as to whether or not asking for the money to be paid ...

New campaign launched to Stop Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys

Posted by: Victoria Aquino Posted Date: 04/04/2013
  The daughter of formal Scotland football internationalist, Colin Hendry,  is supporting a campaign launched by the Mail on Sunday newspaper to ‘Stop Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys’. In 2009 Denise Hendry, the wife of footballer Colin...

Is your hair straightening treatment worth the health risk?

Posted by: Victoria Aquino Posted Date: 20/03/2013
  A couple of years ago there were warnings in the press about a new hair trend – The Brazilian Blow Dry.  This treatment promises to tame unruly frizz and curly hair in just three hours and claims to leave you with a ‘perfect blow-...

Apple offering compensation for kids in-app purchases

Posted by: Victoria Aquino Posted Date: 04/03/2013
  Have you been unlucky enough to have been a victim of in-app purchasing by your offspring?  It is very easy to give a screaming a child an iphone to try and distract them for five to ten minutes but that ten minutes of peace and quiet can cos...

£1m compensation for NHS balls up

Posted by: Victoria Aquino Posted Date: 25/02/2013
  It has been reported that the NHS has paid out over £1 million compensation since 2009 to men who have had the wrong testicle removed by surgeons. According to the National Health Service Litigation Authority there have been over 56 succe...

Glimmer of hope for PIP victims

Posted by: Victoria Aquino Posted Date: 15/01/2013
  It was reported on the BBC that women who have paid for faulty PIP breast implants using a Lloyds TSB credit card will receive “full, proper compensation”. In December 2011 the French Government recommended that all women with impla...

Will Savile’s victims be compensated?

Posted by: Stewart White Posted Date: 15/01/2013
  Following the release of the report into the extent of Jimmy Savile’s alleged abuse there is now the important issue of how his victims will be compensated.  As he is no longer with us, Savile cannot be prosecuted, nor can he be libelle...

Floods and home insurance compensation claims

Posted by: Thompsons Solicitors Posted Date: 03/12/2012
The cost of living is rising.  Even if it isn’t – it feels like it is. With relatively less in our pockets for the next ‘rainy day’ when a dip into savings is required seems daunting for most.  None more so than ...

Compensation Culture : A narrative fuelled by misinformation

Posted by: Patrick McGuire Posted Date: 16/11/2012
  We are all guilty to some degree of repeating things we hear without full knowledge of the facts. That is how views and opinions, often entirely flawed transubstantiate into fact. Take for example the quote ‘Hell hath no fury like a women sc...

Ruling in favour of compensation for passengers of delayed flights

Posted by: Hannah Bennett Posted Date: 25/10/2012
  There has been good news for air travellers this week as the European Union’s Court of Justice ruled in favour of allowing compensation for airline passengers affected by flight delays as well as flight cancellations. While the ruling do...

Is new personal injury court driven by ‘compensation culture’?

Posted by: Patrick McGuire Posted Date: 03/10/2012
  With plans in place to bring Britain’s first specialist personal injury court to Edinburgh with it, unsurprisingly, comes the question of whether or not this has been driven by a culture of compensation. The answer, as far as I’m co...

Costa Claims

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 13/02/2012
  Following the recent disaster off the coast of Italy involving the Costa Concordia I suspect there will be plethora of personal injury claims arising out of that incident. The captain has already admitted deviating off course which is likely to pu...

Relatives of Super Puma Crash Victims Receive Compensation

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 28/09/2011
  It has been reported that £15 million in compensation has been paid to some of the relatives of those who tragically lost their lives when the helicopter they were in crashed into the North Sea. When a Super Puma Helicopter crashed in to...

Boy Who Suffered Brain Damage Awarded 6.6m

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 09/08/2011
  A boy who suffered injury and was left with profound disabilities, as a result of the negligence of a NHS Trust, has been awarded £6.6 million in compensation. Tragically, Leo Whiten suffered brain damage as a result of mistakes made by a...

Housewife Gets Burned as Cleaning Product Explodes

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 02/08/2011
  When you buy cleaning products in the supermarket you don’t expect to be injured by them but I saw recently that that’s exactly what happened to a Malaga housewife and she was recently awarded compensation for the injuries she received...

Compensation for paralysed child

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 17/06/2011
  Compensation has been awarded to the parents of a boy who was paralysed from the neck down after a delivery by forceps went wrong. The 10 year old will require 24 hour care for the rest of his life.  His parents were suing NHS Greater Glas...

Woman awarded £28,000 compensation for accident in nightclub

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 13/06/2011
  I was reading in the papers the other day that a woman has won £28,000 compensation after injuring herself falling in a nightclub. Angela Spalding slipped on a wet dance floor and fell breaking her wrist.  The former chef has been un...

Have a go hero wins legal battle for compensation

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 20/05/2011
  I was pleased to read this week that William Prentice, the have-a-go-hero who tried to stop a runaway taxi, recovered £9,000 in compensation.  Mr Prentice was lauded by the Sheriff for acting in a public spirited manner.  He was wa...

One Million in Compensation for Blind Girl

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 17/05/2011
  I was interested to read about the school girl who received over £1,000,000 in a compensation claim for clinical negligence against a consultant ophthalmic surgeon who treated her at Glasgow’s Gartnavel Hospital. The claim was brought ...

Mass balloon release leaves 13 month old bullock dead

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 06/05/2011
  A farmer has been awarded compensation after one of his cows died after choking on a balloon.  Children at a Primary School in south-east London released hundreds of balloons in aid of comic relief.  Little did they know the dangers of d...

Plumber Awarded Compensation

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 05/05/2011
  Mr Spalding a plumber was awarded compensation after he was injured when working in the library of the University of East Anglia. Mr Spalding sustained injury to his teeth and face after he slipped whilst trying to get out of a confined space.&nbs...

Tokyo Electric to pay out billions of dollars in compensation

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 27/04/2011
  The Japanese Government has ordered Tokyo Electric to pay one million yen in compensation to every family within 30 km of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  The compensation is around £7,365 per family and the total compensation bill i...

NHS facing £11.8 million compensation bill

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 22/04/2011
  The Guardian has reported that the NHS is facing an ever increasing compensation bill for mistakes made by maternity-unit staff which result in a baby dying or suffering brain damage or a disability. Doctors and safety campaigners are fighting ...

£5 Million Compensation Claim Allowed To Continue

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 12/04/2011
  A woman who is suing the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for compensation for injuries caused when her smear tests were incorrectly interpreted has been allowed to continue with her case. Helen McGlone is arguing that if her smear tests has been...

Schoolgirl Awarded Compensation

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 17/03/2011
  Scottish Borders Council was recently ordered to pay £2,000 compensation plus costs to a schoolgirl who sustained injuries in the playground of Burgh Primary School. Abigail Wardle was swinging from rafters in a playground shelter when s...


Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 10/03/2011
  A trip to the gym left Robert Gordon University student Anthony McDavitt feeling anything but fit, after a car reversed out of a parking place and directly into his path. Mr McDavitt sustained a broken wrist, broken teeth, cuts and bruises whe...

Damages Victory for Victims

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 07/03/2011
  Hurrah! At last the Damages (Scotland) Bill has been passed and people who have suffered the tragic death of a loved one will no longer have to endure such long and distressing court cases. The Damages (Scotland) Bill, was the bill of Labour MS...

Compensation For Disabled Burn Victim

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 08/02/2011
  A 28 year old woman suffered horrific 40% burns to her body when negligent care home staff lowered her in to a bath of scalding water.  Jeanette De Bono, who suffers from Retts Syndrome, was injured by the very people who were employed to car...

Ministry of Defence to Pay £1.8m Compensation

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 21/01/2011
  The Ministry of Defence is to pay £1.8 million compensation following tragic accidents in Afghanistan. £1.7 million compensation is to be paid to a paratrooper who sustained severe injuries in Afghanistan and £100,000 compensatio...

Compensation paid for postal delays

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 10/01/2011
  Happy new year everyone!  Everyone in the Thom household had an excellent holiday and Santa managed to deliver most of our presents.  Hopefully you all got your presents and Christmas cards on time but rather strangely we are still getti...

Compensation awarded for man injured by falling Christmas tree

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 20/12/2010
  A personal injury claim has been won by a man from Essex after he was crushed by a falling Christmas tree in Prague. The man was on holiday with friends in Prague when he was crushed by a 100 foot tree at a Christmas market in the town square. ...

Compensation to be awarded to Land of Leather Customers

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 17/12/2010
  I have been following the story about the toxic sofas for sometime now and I felt bad for all the people who were injured but thought they would not get compensation as Land of Leather went bust.  Around 412 customers thought that they would ...

Hitting the slopes

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 13/12/2010
  One of the things that I love about all of this snow that we have been having is that it allows all of the family to take a trip up north to go skiing.  The three of us love to drive up to Glenshee at the weekend and spend a day out on the sl...

Dangerous dog owner convicted under Dogs Act 1871

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 06/12/2010
  I was horrified this week to read in the news of an attack on a ten year old girl by a Japanese Akita dog causing her to suffer severe facial wounds requiring over 100 stitches.  The little girl was savagely attacked as she played in the gard...

Relaxing escape to the sun?

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 03/12/2010
  I don’t know about you but I am already getting sick and tired of all of this snow.  It is time for our annual family winter holiday to the sun.  Mrs Thom and I have been looking through brochures and are very excited about getting...

Cold reception for claims arising from big freeze

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 02/12/2010
  Like many of us I have spent the last few weeks treading gingerly along our nations pavements trying to be one of the few to avoid slipping and falling on the ice. The ‘big freeze’ has inevitably brought with it a huge spike in road traffic accidents and has seen hospital admissions at 10 times the normal quota for this time of year.   Careful drivers, who have never been in an accident before will have succumbed to the conditions and will feel aggrieved to be held ‘at fault’ for accidents that wouldn’t have happened had it not been for the ice and snow.  Unfortunately, in terms of car accidents, insurance companies and the law pay no mind to the fact that adverse conditions may have caused your accident.  Even if you are driving within the speed limit and cause an accident you are deemed to not have driven ‘as conditions dictate’ and will be found liable. The law is not much more forgiving for pedestrians who are injured as a result of falling on ice. There is unlikely to be any liability in a case where someone falls on ice so long as the accident was due only to the ice.  The law does not regard the natural accumulation of snow and ice as an actionable defect.  Simply, there is no liability in cases caused purely by natural conditions. Local Councils have a broad obligation to maintain the roads but there is no particular requirement for them to grit roads or pavements to any particular standard or frequency. The exemption that applies to Councils does not extend to private landowners. Thus, for example, in a private complex, the company could find itself liable for problems arising from a failure to clear ice and snow. In circumstances where the ice may have formed due to man-made defects such as a faulty gutter, or where the snow has been transformed or moved into an unnatural hazard then liability may attach.

Jack Frost rocks up early doors

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 29/11/2010
  Well folks it's getting to that time of year again when little Thom gets excited about building snowmen, me and Mrs Thom pretend to be fictional characters while devouring our son with presents and Granny Thom pulls on her granny-grip shoes. ...

£2.5 Million Compensation For Child Injured By Paintbrush

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 26/11/2010
  Thomas Brown sustained horrific injuries in a classroom accident when a paintbrush pierced his eye and went into his brain. Thomas was only 10 years old at the time of the accident and was left with brain damage as a result of the injuries he sust...

Thompsons Back MoD Criticism

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 08/11/2010
  My friends at Thompsons have backed the family of a solider who was killed when an RAF Nimrod exploded over Afghanistan.  Like many people, I thought that if a soldier was injured, it should be quite straightforward to claim compensation.&nbs...

Families of Victims of Faulty Plane receive £15 Million in Compensation

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 11/10/2010
  Four years on from the explosion of an RAF Nimrod over Afghanistan that was shown to have been “never airworthy” , the families of the victims secured £15million in civil compensation.   The compensation was paid to family...

Pleural Plaque compensation scheme opens in England and Wales

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 20/08/2010
Victims of pleural plaques developed as a result of exposure to asbestos in England and Wales are now eligible to claim £5000 compensation from the government, providing any previous compensation claims they have made have not been resolved.  ...

How much is my Compensation Claim Worth?

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 17/08/2010
  ….Is a question I will hear at least once a day.  In less serious accidents, many people wish quick and easy recompense with very little in the way of explanation or debate – this is fine.  It is, at the end of the day, thei...

Catch Benefit Fraudsters for instant Compensation

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 12/08/2010
  As a Star Wars fanatic the idea of real life ‘bounty hunters’ fascinates me, so my attention was grasped by the Government’s announcement today that they would pay compensation to professional private persons to find and capture ...

Crime Victims Left Waiting For Compensation

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 09/08/2010
  Anyone who has suffered a personal injury as a result of a violent crime is entitled to apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority for compensation, however it has recently been reported that a large number of victims are failing to cla...

Do you know your rights if you have been attacked or bitten by a dog?

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 30/07/2010
The terrible injuries an urban fox inflicted on twin babies in London recently turned the spotlight on a far more common danger – that of being bitten by a dog. It is estimated that there are around 200,000 dog bites in the UK each year while on...

Easy compensation for ‘Pinocchio’

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 21/07/2010
  Being made from plasticine ‘leg-room’ isnt something that bothers me when on a flight, therefore when I travel around Europe taking names and making claims, I always fly on a budget airline.   It made me laugh last week when Rya...

Wrongful Death Bill moves to consultation stage

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 13/07/2010
My working life is spent obtaining the absolute maximum compensation for victims of accidents in the most stress-free way.  There is never a more stressful time in someone’s life than when they have just lost a loved one.    Dealin...

Lost Luggage compensation limit

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 18/05/2010
The question of compensation from airlines is a topical one but also a fairly unusual one.   The UK and most other countries are signatories to The Montreal Convention which sets international standards and limits for what compensation can be claim...

Maclaren pay compensation for buggies that trap fingers

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 14/05/2010
Maclaren the company famous for Formula 1 cars and ……….child’s buggies – have announced that they are to offer compensation to the parents of 40 UK children whose fingers were injured (in some cases severely) in the hinges...

Bin man seeks to have his compensation cake and eat it

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 10/05/2010
  David Watson, a driver for Perth council, is suing his employer for compensation over a run in with a wheelie bin.   The compensation is sought in regard to a broken wrist he sustained while trying to deliver the wheelie bin from the back o...

Thom versus the Volcano

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 29/04/2010
  My apologies for disappearing temporarily from the blogosphere.  I to have been left grounded by the volcano! I was in Strasbourg at the European Court of Human Rights, but that is a story for another day (and yes, the court covers plastic...

£4.7 Million Compensation for prison inmate

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 16/04/2010
I read an interesting story in the paper today which expressed outrage that the family of a prisoner should receive a high level of compensation for what the paper called “falling out of his prison bed”   When I read between the lines...

Insurance Company or Specialist Compensation Lawyer?

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 15/04/2010
Recently a friend of mine was involved in a road traffic accident, she was sitting at a set of traffic lights when another car drove into the back of her vehicle. She was shocked and had a very sore neck. She swapped details with the other driver and t...

Compensation spurned for 'moral’ high ground

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 11/03/2010
  Occasionally the media bend the idea of raising personal injury claims into something seedy.  The tag line “compensation culture” is banded about and Solicitors are vilified for the part they play.   One such example is the...

Libel Compensation for Michael Parkinson

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 08/03/2010
  I don’t get much time for TV but when I do I love a chat show.  My favourite was Michael Parkinson, a real old-fashioned gent and excellent journalist.  It hasn’t been the same since he has been gone – Jonathon Ross and...

Compensation Claims against TUI Travel

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 01/03/2010
  Me and Solicitor Greg Whyte at Thompsons currently have a number of compensation cases against TUI travel, also known as ‘First Choice Holidays’ in regard to gastroenteritis and other stomach complaints caused by bad hygiene.   ...

Damages Bill moves forward strongly

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 26/02/2010
  I was delighted that Labour MSP Bill Butler’s Damages (Scotland) Bill has received wide cross party support.   The support of 34 MSPs has meant that it can go forward and be considered by the Scottish Government.   The Bill, wh...

Compensation to those held illegally

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 22/02/2010
  A survey has revealed that £2 million in compensation has been paid to 121 LEGAL immigrants held illegally in detention centres because the Home Office wrongly suspected they were attempting to enter the UK fraudulently.   However, th...

Bus full of passengers on terror trip

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 18/02/2010
  Every year I speak to many people who are injured due to falls on buses.  A bus does not drive like a car and its jerky braking and accelerating can make it a hazard for those onboard, especially those standing or still to take their seats. ...

Compensation for injured soldiers to increase

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 16/02/2010
  I have met with and continue to help soldiers, and families of soldiers injured in battle.    Soldiers know of the risks associated with their jobs but it is my job to make sure that they are properly taken care of should they get inj...

Hospital misses broken leg after fall from ‘non-fall’ chair

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 15/02/2010
  Compensation claims against hospitals are often riddled with difficulty.  Doctors and hospital staff are, after all, only human and are trying to do their best for their patients.   With this in mind, any act of negligence needs to b...

£2m Out of Court settlement for 28 year old cerebral palsy sufferer

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 27/01/2010

£2 million in compensation has been awarded to a man in England who was left severely disabled due to problems during his birth.
28-year-old, Jonathon Khairule’s severe cerebral palsy means that he can only communicate by typing on a keyboard with his nose.
The case did not require to go to court as the health board stumped up the compensation and effectively admitted that midwives and Obstetricians failed to delivery Jonathon promptly given his decelerating heart rate.
The compensation is based mostly on the cost of 24 hour care for Mr. Khairule for the rest of his life.

Fight for C-Diff inquiry justified further

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 18/01/2010
Thompsons are delighted to collectively represent the families at the upcoming Public Inquiry into the C-Diff deaths at the Vale of Leven hospital, Alexandria. Public Inquiries are a big part of our work and are often a vital stage which allows victims and their families to gain answers to questions that may have weighed on their minds for years.  We realise that answers come before compensation and that is why we aim to provide our clients with Answers first, Compensation second and lastly Closure. We fought hard for the investigation into C-Diff at the Vale of Leven to be extended into a national public inquiry.  Our decision was vindicated again this week when a report by the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate into cleanliness at Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital revealed there was room for improvement. An action plan has been introduced to review the role of the hospital’s infection control manager and management procedures. 5 people died as a direct result of C-Diff infection in Ninewells hospital between October and November last year.

Thompsons Welcomes Pleural Plaques Judgement

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 14/01/2010
Clydeside Action on Asbestos, pleural plaques victims and Frank Maguire, our Senior Partner at Thompsons Solicitors all welcomed the news that the bid by insurers to block the Scottish Parliament’s new law confirming the right to compensation of victims of pleural plaques has been blocked. Frank said: “This judgement states categorically that the Scottish Parliament was perfectly within its rights to pass this law and that is tremendous news for pleural plaques sufferers. We have an Act of the Scottish Parliament that establishes pleural plaques victims right to compensation and overturns the infamous House of Lords judgement to the contrary. Those responsible should now abide by the law. Thompsons have almost 1,000 pleural plaques cases which have been in limbo while the insurance industry pursued this ill-fated legal action and I now call on them to stop obstructing justice and not to try and put any more barriers in the way of victims seeking compensation. It was also noted that many insurance companies not involved in the court action, as well as the Ministry of Defence and British Shipbuilders, have been holding back on settling pleural plaques cases. They also should now meet their obligations and pay up. Frank went on to say “The Westminster Government should now enact similar legislation for the rest of the UK. It is ironic that pleural plaques sufferers in Gordon Brown’s constituency which includes Rosyth will now be able to claim compensation, but other MOD workers outside Scotland will not.” Suffers often have some form of breathlessness, but the biggest strain is the worry of developing a fatal condition like mesothelioma which happens with frightening regularity. Claimants mainly come from shipyard workers who had to cut asbestos boards – many stating that their employers kept them doing it long after they knew of the dangers telling them to use small blades rather than a buzz saws and to keep dust to a minimum. Out of 150 joiners who worked at the Caledonian joiners only 35 are still alive. The others all dying well before they were 65, most of them from mesothelioma or lung cancer.” This is a great day for the victims and their families.  

Careers ruined by unprovoked attack

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 07/12/2009
Seeking justice and compensation for victims is what we do.

As well as acting for victims of accidents we at Thompsons also help those who are the innocent victims of assault or other crimes of violence.

The police will investigate the crime and press criminal charges; we will fight for compensation for the victim from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Joshua Harvey is a classic example of the type of person we can help win criminal injuries compensation for.  Joshua was a student, part-time model, who was due to join the RAF as a pilot.  His dream was shattered last year when an unprovoked assault outside a nightclub detached his right eyeball from its socket and left him blind in that eye.

The injury is one that has angered Joshua in the short term as well as destroying his career dreams. 

In a case like this, and in all cases where an innocent victim has been injured, Thompsons will fight for the absolute maximum compensation to cover all the losses suffered by the victim.

Ronaldo cashes in with compensation

Posted by: Thom at Thompsons Posted Date: 11/11/2009

Not that he needs the money but world footballer of the year Cristiano Ronaldo has won substantial compensation in the form of libel damages from the Daily Mirror.

Libel is the English equivalent of what is known as defamation in Scotland and something is libel or slanderous when it is a false and malicious publication printed for the purpose of defaming a living person.  Successful cases often attract millions in compensation for famous persons but as here the amount of compensation remains undisclosed as a condition of settlement.

This action arose when the Daily Mirror said that Ronaldo went on a “bender” at a Hollywood night club despite being on crutches and requiring an ankle operation.

Ronaldo took offence at the statement as it brought his professionalism as a footballer into question …..and in any event he is tee-total!

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