Victoria AquinoThe latest health scare is that we could be at risk of radon gas.  I had never heard of this gas before but heard that high levels are thought to be present in some areas across Scotland.  Should I be worried?

Radon gas is part of the radioactive decay chain of natural uranium and is produced in low levels around the world.   Although uranium is usually thought of as some kind of nuclear power, it is also a naturally occurring element which can be found in rocks.

There are some places where there is more natural uranium in the rocks and when the rocks decay, the gas can seep up into houses.  If you breathe in to much of this gas, it is thought that there could be a potential risk of lung cancer.

Expert Neil McColl, head of radon at the Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards has advised that smokers are particularly at risk.  Radon is reported to be responsible for around 1,100 lung cancer related deaths in the UK each year.

You can check on the radon website if your particular area is at risk and you can also ask them for detectors to carry out a check of your property.