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This will be the place to find all breaking news and updates from Thompsons and personal injury litigation in general. 


Snow and Ice: It’s not nice!

Posted by: Thompsons Solicitors Posted Date: 27/01/2015
  After a few days respite from the worst of the winter weather, Sunday brought two new “Yellow – Be Aware” Met Office Severe Weather Warnings for the United Kingdom indicating that a further “cold snap” is on its way. ...
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Lens implant damaged eyesight of patient

Posted by: Thompsons Solicitors Posted Date: 26/01/2015
A lens implant, first used in the UK in January 2014, has become the subject of debate following a claim that the lens has damaged, rather than enhanced, the eyesight of a number of patients, the Guardian reports.

Robin Hood would be turning in his grave

Posted by: Thompsons Solicitors Posted Date: 20/01/2015
  The richest one percent of the population will own more than the rest of the world put together by 2016. This is the conclusion of the recent Oxfam report which is backed up by Credit Suisse and the World Economic Forum’s research. Perhaps m...
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Access to justice

Posted by: Thompsons Solicitors Posted Date: 16/01/2015
  Solicitors should lend their clients the money to meet their fees. This is the Law Society of Scotland’s recent proposals to widen access to justice. The problem is not a new one, nor is the proposal.  With the closure of sheriff courts...
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Fair Work and Safe Work Not Spin

Posted by: Thompsons Solicitors Posted Date: 16/01/2015
  The general election campaign has begun with gusto.  Each of the main parties have begun to give us a flavour of the policies that will form the legislative intent of their time in Government if they win a majority in May.  The most ...
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Beware "the" Christmas offer

Posted by: Thompsons Solicitors Posted Date: 23/12/2014
  Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.  Fairytale of New York blasting on the Sonos speakers.  Trying desperately to keep up with Gordon Ramsey as he shows you how to cook the ultimate turkey on the television. We all have our Christmas ...
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